The world is full of people who’re confused and frustrated with the way things are going in their lives. They find no joy in whatever they do, either in the family or the workplace. They continually try hard to make things positively fall into place in life, but nothing better seems to prevail. So instead of each day bringing joy, happiness, and peace, it brings struggle and pain to them. The low confident ones, who lack the courage to confront their pathetic situation, gave up on life and took their life. But that should not be the solution to life problems. Taking one’s life is not the answer.

    In order words, such mortal action is not the wish of God who gives life. However, what does one expect from a society that worships people who have an abundance of material possessions more than God? All morals that guarantee a path to God’s everlasting favor, joy, and happiness, are entirely relegated to the extent that people don’t question the source of wealth anymore, as ends justifying the means are now accepted as a standard or as a way of life. These latest trend has destroyed the fabric of the foundation of an egalitarian society to hold. From the beginning of time, the solution to these societal aberrations is God’s word, the bible. Community ignored them but instead followed manufactured solutions to life problems, which has resulted in what we see today in dysfunctionalities around the world.


    The road may be arduous, the hill steep and slippery, the path rugged, and the day clouded. But remember that the Maker of all things is neither far nor asleep. He is watching; He is observing your every move, your every action, your motives, and your feelings – to test your faith in Him who gives life. He will do want He had planned to do with you and for you despite the circumstances surrounding you. The marvelous work of God Almighty would prevail in your life. His deeds and purpose in creating you will never be in vain but shall shine in your life. His goal shall manifest in your life because He made all things, including you, in His likeness – because of the priceless love He has for you. He articulated and created the universe and all things suitable to make you a glorious child of His. As God’s children, His glory is also our glory. Challenges will come, but God wouldn’t want you to give in or yield to travails without putting up a fight to overcome. Without activating your spiritual consciousness – which is your life power, You are as good as an inanimate object. And believe it or not, being spiritually weak is not who God intended you to be. Remember these: He did not create you to be the least or take second place amongst the things He made but to be the leader, the master, and the custodian, which is why He gave man dominion over all things –  to lead, and not be a follower; to direct and not be directed; to control and not be controlled; to overcome and not to be overcome; to be happy and not too sad; to be a giver and not to be a receiver; to be productive and not unproductive; to excel and not to be a failure.


    In life, problems and trouble will never cease.  Disappointments and disasters will never stop. Death and sadness will never end. They are a necessary evil that keeps humanity in check. They come or happen to remind us who we are; otherwise, man would lose the essence of life and living. When these things happen, they do for a reason – to take us back to our inner self, to our inner being where the spirit of our life force resides. And when you can connect to this force, you have started living the life God wants you to live, and you will undoubtedly be a better person who is on the course to fulfilling his life purpose. So when you face travail, remember it is there to test your faith. Don’t turn back from your mission, don’t retreat on your path, don’t stop on your track, or lose focus. But rather confront the albatross with all your strength, with your might, with your body and your soul. Then be assured, you will overcome anything. All obstacles will bow to you, a child of God – created without fear but with an abundance of grit. God created all things bright and beautiful, all creatures big and small, and all things wonderful for the delight of man – but due to man’s spiritual blindness and weakness, he has become a slave to fear. Hence man, therefore,  lost his ability to see beauty and joy, and above all, cannot find a definitive purpose in life – ostensibly because he failed to keep the commandment of God. Obeying the commandment is the key that opens the doors to the powerhouse of the universe, which would release the blessings of God. Take note!

    When we believe we can do anything and have faith in our conviction of the positive benefits to humanity, all the powers in the universe will conspire in our favor to make our dream come true. The saying, “one with God, is a majority,” keys into the ability of the powers in the universe to obey our command because of the dominion power we possess. God gave us our capacity to contain challenges and obstacles even before we experience or are aware of them.

    In life, man is like a blind man groping in the dark trying to find his way. All the while, we may be trying to find our way in life. God is watching because His eyes encompass all eyes; His mind contains all minds, and above all, His love covers all loves. So if we don’t trust God with our struggle and problem, who are we going to entrust them? The bible says that even before our conception, God knows us. So if He knows this much about us, think of how easy it is for Him to take away our pain, our sorrow, and obstacles that are an albatross in our life? To those that have faith in God, they shall have everything they ask for, so long as those needs align with God’s commandment.

    When problems come our way, with faith, we must speak power into our situation to release the power of God to overcome them. How do you do that? You can talk power to obstacles in many reliable ways, amongst which are the following:


    You can do this by believing in the existence of God. Doing that doesn’t mean mere words acclamation only but also by living a righteous life, full of thanksgiving. It may be hard for some people to understand because they feel their sins are too many or scarlet for God to forgive. But I tell you, no sin is too much for God to forgive. All God wants is for us to approach Him with our sin with a sincere heart and humility. Remember, God is not only our Father; He is also a friend. If an earthly father, a mortal being with human weakness, can forgive his child when they err, how much more our heavenly Father – created us to run this race of life? He knows the challenges and the obstacles that we would face before time. Therefore whatever we are passing through at any given time happens not without His knowledge. He just allowed us to go through them to fulfill a greater purpose that would shape our lives to fit into the grand plan He has for us. And His grace is always sufficient for us at all times. And to activate this grace, we ought to be true to ourselves before we can be truthful to God. To understand this better, think of your shadow, which follows you everywhere you go. Whether you see it or not, your shadow is always there with you. As long as God creates you,  He lives in you, and you can never deceive Him. So how can you tell Him lies concerning what you have done, whereas He has always been there with you? Think of this!


    How do you believe in yourself? It is easy. Always remind yourself that you are a child of God. This testimony of divine fact is a faith-building mentality in action. When you have affirmed this to yourself over time, it will deposit a seed of courage and confidence within you which will grow and serve as a stimulus that will energize you to action during challenging times. Fear is a coward, and courage is a hero! And what to fear is fear itself. Put another way, there is nothing like fear but our sins and lack of knowledge of the words of God, which has drawn us far away from God, thereby creating an enormous gulf between us, reality, and God’s purpose for us. He who knows God knows no fear. Because God is love, God is merciful, God is good, God is charitable, God is kindness. Name it. What you fear is what you hate. Can anyone fear what they love? Rarely! For instance, doing good to our neighbor serve as a fragrance of God in their life. And that’s an act of love.

    There is a saying that, ‘like attracts like.’ The love you extend to a grieving heart would find you in your difficult times. Such is the power of the universe to replicate its energy. Another way to understand this is in this famous saying, “you reap what you sow.” Believing in yourself is putting faith in action in the face of an obstacle or adversity – directly telling the obstacle or hardship that you are not afraid of it, that you have the power and authority to overcome and subdue it. WE ARE MASTERS TO CONTRARY POWERS OPERATING IN THE UNIVERSE. They will give way to our wish to be accomplished whenever we order them because they hear us when we speak.


    Praying is communication with God. When you form the habit of praying continually, you will be working with the angels sent to direct, lead and take you to your glory, even though the path to it might be very arduous. Prayer is a purification ritual that cleanses the soul and sets the spirit free to wander. When the spirit wanders, it searches and brings into the soul life-enriching substances that dispel evils. Evil pollutes the mind, and anything polluted cannot function effectively, so also is the mind if it is contaminated. An impure mind will think an evil thought and heed profane reasoning searching for a place to abode. When the mind is purified, its sanctity and impact would have spillover effects on the discernment regarding the right course of action. And divine inspiration can never be wrong. So one has to understand first that there is power in prayer before prayer can positively impact one’s life.


    Sometimes being on one’s own is good because it offers one the peace and tranquillity needed to communicate effectively with one’s spirit person – the higher power. Your spirit person lives in your soul. And your soul is not a place of noise but a place of tranquility and peace, which is another way to say that your spirit doesn’t like noise. When you devote some minutes every day to be alone in a quiet place and do soul searching, your heart will speak to you. At first, you will not understand when it speaks to you, but you will appreciate its speech pattern through persistent practice. But for you to arrive at this stage of understanding, you have to give up on your pride and ego and acknowledge the fact that there is nothing you can do on your own but through the power of God. That is proof and confirmation that you’re dependent on a higher, superior ability who authored your fate to take charge of your life and perfect it as He deems fit. It is called total resignation to fate. God is happy when you acknowledge this truism. Remember God says, ‘you should not make and worship any image except Him, because He is a jealous God.’ So when you approach God with I can do it myself mentality and attitude, you are worshipping yourself and not God. It’s nothing short of mockery! And therefore, you will not be able to hear your spirit when it communicates to you because of this wedge you have placed between you and God. Only when you have eradicated yourself of self-love, a one-person squad mentality, then and only then could you be able to discern what your spirit is communicating to you. It will surprise you what your heart has to say to you, would change your life if put to action in the right way.


    We may not know; what you say quietly or loudly is recorded in the books of the universe. One may be inclined to ask, what do you mean by the text of the universe? or does the universe has a book? Of course, the answer is yes! Let’s ask ourselves, how do the trees, the flowers, the rivers and brooks, hills and valleys, the air, rain, and shine survive and reoccur again and again without any human input or work. The answer is that they are agents of God in various ways. God assigned them roles to enrich our lives in ways that defy human understanding and explanation – without them, we would not survive on this earth. So, therefore, as we live our lives, they too are living theirs fulfilling their mission; they communicate with their various selves in ways that we don’t and cannot understand, but these agents can hear us because they enrich our lives. Because they are improving our lives, they have this ability and capacity to understand us to fulfill their purposes in our lives.

    Without this, they will not fulfill their purpose. Jesus spoke to the wave, and it stood still, which is the proof we need to believe that they hear when we speak. With this in mind, we must be conscious of what we say because it will pass through the powers in the universe, which are agents of God. God Almighty created the universe with words, and we being the living image of God, who was given dominion over all things, are endowed with the ability or power to command nature – so as Christ lives in us, we possess these powers through our faith in Christ. Remember the sea incident where Jesus walked on the sea, and Peter expressed a wish to walk like Jesus on the sea, and He told him to come to him with faith, he did but only started sinking when he lost trust and allowed fear to overwhelm him. And Jesus spoke on the need for man to have faith like a mustard seed. To become an influential person, always say things with confidence in a positive way. We should remember that religion cannot work when using faith to achieve an evil purpose. Expunge all forms of negativity from your desires and intentions when you are walking in faith to attain your glory whether you have clarity or not; believe that your wish will come to pass through positive affirmation by your faith.


    Working hard is a virtue that always pays off in a big way beyond what one had imagined. There is no food for a lazy man. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. These proverbs extol the virtue of hard work. It restores human dignity and places those who did on the same pedestal as angels. How? God blesses the creation of a person who works hard honestly. And such person will be fruitful like trees planted by the rivers of waters. Because God will open up and manure the earth for his seeds to germinate, grow and blossom, and bear abundant fruits. And such person will be a giver to those that lack. A place where the wanderer would find refuge. He who works hard, no matter how young he maybe will dine with kings. One who works hard is exhibiting the glory of God through his work. Because God Himself worked hard, that was the reason He rested on the sixth day. He created Adam and Eve through clay and breathed life into them – which hard work is more significant than that? There is more joy in giving than in receiving. You can only give what you have, and no person grows rich out of emptiness. He who works hard accumulates much and is in a better position to give than to receive. Always remember that hard work does yield fruits, if not immediately then later. Its yield is as sure as ineluctable fate!


    There is no better way to please God than through a grateful heart. A grateful heart is a thanksgiving heart. It is a genuine appreciation of what God has done for us, and it opens the doors of blessings in all aspects of our life. When we give thanksgiving to God, we are living in the very heart of God because it’s a spiritual offering of the body and the soul that returns the favor to Him in our own humanly way. After all, we cannot give God material gifts. Thanksgiving overcomes our inadequacy or shortcoming through the mercy of God; with that blessing, we can speak life to every word we say. When we talk about life, we are telling God’s power into our situation. And every obstacle, big or small, must give way to the higher power – the most incredible power of all abilities. For our thanksgiving to be acceptable in the sight of God, to be effective in our life, we must be honest and sincere and show love to other people. An unforgiving person cannot please God with his thanksgiving because he lacks that substance or rather objects of appreciation that he wants to return to God. To understand what thanksgiving means is to understand that appreciation is having absolute faith in God. Which, in other words, means that you are offering yourself, body, and soul to God in all situations, both in good and bad times.

    Ingratitude resides in a dead heart, but thanksgiving embodies the qualities and virtues of a Living God.




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