8]            USE THE POWER OF FAITH

    Having faith means having absolute trust in God to grant the wish of a believer, even in the face of uncertainty or doubt. It’s believing a thing even though one has not yet seen the outcome. Throughout Jesus’s ministry, He had worked with faith.  He emphasized so much on faith – for example, having confidence and the assurance of a thing becoming true as one has hope through the working of God.

    The case of Thomas readily comes to mind – indeed, Thomas shouldn’t have needed physical proof to believe in the resurrection of Jesus if he had had the kind of faith Jesus elaborated. It is placing our hope and trust absolutely in God Almighty with a complete conviction that God Almighty is working for our good and will grant our needs in His mercy.

    Obstacles and problems cannot stand the test of faith for long; they will give in to a sincere faith-based power. Almost always, our fears are nothing but figments of our imagination. Like what we have seen somewhere, or what had happened somewhere, or story we heard told somewhere, and they had registered in our subconsciousness, and from time to time, they would revert in our mind to hunt us. And very often, we would feel that what had happened to other people would happen to us when faced or confronted with similar situations or circumstances, like in a dream.

    Most people dream about familiar experiences manifesting in their vision. It’s only a few people their plan truly manifests in reality as foretold in their imagination.

    Fear tends to gravitate towards fearful people. To become immune to fear, one has to learn how to be fearless or what can be called the cultivation of daring habits. The moment a person becomes a courageous person, situations of fear would cease in their life.

    The easy way to cultivate a fearless habit is to treat fear as a figment of one’s imagination. Secondly, start loving failure. Many people are terrified of failing so much that the idea of failing becomes a big issue in their lives that it becomes a threat to anything they do. Like attracts like, one fear will attract other fears, and the circle of fear continues.

    When we start telling ourselves that failing is a blessing to our life, we would have started living the good life – free of stress and fear.

    For instance, failure leaves us with two essential experiences. First, we learn from the experience, which adds to our life skills. With time it will evolve into an admirable character trait.

    Secondly, failure will leave a badge of bravery – and the experience is our reward. To do those as mentioned above, one has to active the faith-based power – which is the potent weapon against obstacles. After all, as a door is closing, more are opening somewhere. And as terrible experiences give way to good experiences engendered by faith – better opportunities are beckoning.

    Sometimes, it is good to fail to locate or get to our destiny. We will never know what we are good at until we have tried other things. Life is full of challenges. Yes! Life is full of diversities and types. Yes! So also are opportunities. It never ceases. Instead of thinking or bemoaning yourself to ill health when you fail, it would be better for you to move on – to other things, other opportunities. Don’t limit yourself to one particular chance. Explore your potential and exploit your talent.


    9.]           MAKE GOOD CHOICES

    The choices one makes will always live with one. Though incidents, experiences, or mistakes will tend to diminish over time, their effects are always there with us – laying or buried in our subconsciousness. And would revert to consciousness by way of memory from time to time. It’s always very depressing if it were a bad experience. But this is part of life, which every person must pass through as a human being to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

    A meaningful life is a life full of purpose.

    By Chris


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