Each of us has baggage or problem that we carry daily. We bear this baggage not always by choice but were placed upon our shoulders by circumstances beyond our control. Some of us, albeit few, were able or will be able to overcome the unwanted albatross and move on to a better station in life. But to the majority, it will continue to weigh them down and will go through the agonizing torture for many years and even follow them to their grave. So what is your baggage? What is it that is weighing you down daily, making you very miserable?
    It’s very pertinent you know you are not alone in this struggle. Millions of people go through similar torture daily as you do. The truth is that how you choose to deal with your baggage is a choice only you can make.
    We face nothing that we can say has not happened or is new to humankind. Know that there is no drama in life that eyes have not seen. To over worry about your baggage exacerbates the situation and encourages your problem to spread. To every problem, there is a solution. Search for a solution to your problem. If you could not find a solution, learn to put them behind you and move on – life will always go on with or without problems. Otherwise, you are left behind as the wheels of life move on.
    The mind is the power base of our life. A positive reason is a guarantee of a fulfilled life. With a positive sense, nothing is impossible to achieve or overcome. Positive energy is the basis of all successful outcomes. Both are a cinch.
    The statement that “we are what we think” can never be more accurate. When we think positively, we are generating positive energy. And when we think negatively, we develop negative energy.
    Positive energy put to work generates positive or sound output. In contrast, negative energy generates a negative output or lousy good. An unfavorable outcome can never create a positive impact in anyone’s life. Or change the world in a better way.
    Just like the eyes are the light of the body, the mind is the resource deposit, where the light generates. So, therefore, the eyes can only light up the body when the reason is in accord. If the mind doesn’t believe in the light, the eyes can only see darkness.
    Even in darkness, the positive mind can make the eyes see the light where there are none. That can explain why in the period of significant loss or pain, those whose reasons are positive bounce back because their eyes can see the light generated by their mindset.
    Success and failure are like two sides of a coin. We chose the side we would want to see at any given period. Both energies are equal in size and time resource allocation. The only difference is that one generates positive energy, while the other generates negative energy or result. While the former creates a positive value and adds to our quality of life, the other creates a negative value that subtracts from our life force.
    Rise when you fall and continue moving; life is a journey that will end when we take our last breath. Life is not a race of competition. Everyone has their peculiar race and time predetermined for their life race to end. To some, their race ended even before they took off. To others, theirs is a very long race, and others also, theirs is full of twists and turns. So find what your race is before you envy anyone.
    Stagnancy is the cause of lack of progress in life. There are no limits to what human ability can achieve. There are millions of opportunities to follow in life – if you miss one opportunity, don’t mourn your loss; avail yourself to the others because people who are willing and committed to succeeding in life see many options.
    People like you and me fail because we are selective on what we want to do or the career path to follow – thinking that one opportunity is better than the other. But the truth is that the opportunity one succeeds in is the one that conforms with one’s DNA. To achieve success, one has to try out many opportunities. And to do this, one should not underrate any chance.
    Many people who achieve success in life break the norm or the “pattern syndrome.” Following the standard is self-limiting.

    By Chris Onwuasor.


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