TEXEM Director urges Nigerian organizations to convert threats to opportunities

    Director of TEXEM UK, Caroline Lucas, has urged Nigerian leaders and organizations to identify threats and opportunities to survive in uncertain periods.
    In a press release in Abuja issued by Lucas, who is TEXEM’s Director of Special Projects, she said more than ever before, deliberate efforts to develop innovation are now very vital for all organizations.
    Contrary to the popular opinion that innovation was only essential for growth, it was also a vaccine against losses from pandemics, according to her.
    “At this time and even beyond, retooling your organization to sail through the turbulent times through creative ideas could be a defining approach to outperforming the rivals, achieving profitable growth, and succeeding.
    “Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement, fluctuating foreign exchange, forthcoming elections, dwindling government revenue, and high inflations offer threats and opportunities for every organization.
    “To succeed in these increasingly disruptive times, leaders need to build a culture and capability of agility, innovation, and efficiency,” Lucas said.
    She disclosed that TEXEM planned to train Nigerian and other global leaders to succeed in its executive development program between March 23 and March 24.
    Lucas said the topic of the program is “Leading and Building a Culture of Innovation for Sustainable Success.”
    She said that London Business School Professor Randall Peterson, and Oxford University-trained Professor, Roger Delves would be the faculty at the executive development program.
    “This program aims to help develop leadership agility for innovation and sustainable success.
    “Its focus is to help the participants develop a clearer understanding of how to drive innovation for sustainable success successfully,” Lucas said.
    She explained that by leveraging TEXEM’s tested and proven methodology, participants would learn practical skills and actionable insights from the faculty.
    Lucas said they would also gain valuable insights from their professional exchange with critical partners and colleagues.
    The development program, organized by TEXEM, is virtual and engaging.
    The release also quoted testimonials from delegates who had previously attended similar TEXEM programs.
    “It’s a very insightful and worthy program on Leadership and Executive Management.
    “It has opened my eyes to understanding that you also have to be an effective follower to be an effective leader.
    “I need to surround myself with people better than me and learn from them,” said Hakeem Muri-Okunola, Head of Service, Lagos State.
    “It’s the first time I’m doing a program in Nigeria, and it’s exciting.
    “The first thing I liked about it is the diversity of the participants and the quality of the network.
    “I also like the edgy conversations we had with Christian and Alim. It’s quite thought-provoking,” recalled Effiong Okon, Operations Director, Seplat.
    “The program is an excellent one. It’s a world-class institute; looking at the quality of materials the quality of the facilitators, I think it’s a world-class program.
    “It could be anywhere in the world, and it’s a good standard,” said Glory Idehen, Head of E-Training, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).
    One of the faculties, Delves, praised TEXEM’s impressive pedigree of consistently delivering value-adding programs and the world-renowned faculties.
    He expressed delight that another world-renowned faculty, Peterson of London Business School, would join him in delivering this program.
    “It is timely and will help leaders and organizations to succeed,” Delves said.



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