The African Diaspora Congress (ADC) has denounced all forms of terrorism and coup d’états against legitimately elected governments in Africa.

    The Secretary-General of ADC, Prof. Apollos Nwauwa, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja that the organization stood in solidarity with the people of Mali and other affected countries in Africa.

    Nwauwa said that coups often hinder the growth of democracy in Africa and urged African leaders to take necessary measures to end the menace on the continent.

    According to him, ADC has been watching ongoing events in Mali and two other countries in West Africa and states its position.

    “Mali, like many other African countries, has been enduring poor governance and visionless leadership, which, sometimes, trigger widespread protests, civil unrest, and coup. African leaders must engage in deep sober reflection.

    “Yet, as an organization that prides itself on respect for the rule of law and egalitarianism, ADC denounces all forms of terrorism and coup d’état against legitimately elected governments.

    “A coup is like an ill-wind that does no one any good no matter how well-intention. Forceful military dethronement of democratically elected government should not be encouraged and or justified in any way,” he said.

    He condemned forceful military dethronement to create a vicious circle of coup and countercoups with a domino effect in the sub-region, thereby provoking violence and worsening socio-economic and political hardships for the people.

    Nwauwa explained that while the ECOWAS could not simply fold its hands and watch the deteriorating situation in Mali, the sub-regional body should do more to end the coup in West Africa.

    According to him, ADC strongly believes that ECOWAS’ total or blanket sanctions on Mali are counterproductive.

    “This is because it would have unintended crippling effects on Mali economy, resulting in untold hardship for ordinary Malians already impoverished. Consequently, ADC appeals to ECOWAS to reconsider its blanket sanctions.

    “Just as we urge the Malian interim government to take immediate steps towards restoring power to a democratically elected government that will tackle the challenges facing the country.

    “Furthermore, ADC would like to reiterate its position against all forms of foreign or external domination and or interference in Mali and other African countries,” he said.

    He said that although France’s notorious stronghold on economies and politics of its former colonies is essentially to blame for the Malian crisis.

    Nwauwa further said that ADC disapproved of African leaders who behave like puppets to foreign governments and invite them to act with impunity in their internal matters.

    “We call on the Malian authorities and peoples to resist the temptation of replacing one dominant foreign power with another, who may, for now, pose as friends of Mali only to show their true intentions later.

    “Historical antecedents of foreign powers in Africa have never been positive; it has almost always been about how to exploit the resources of the continent under the pretext of protection and bilateralism.

    “As a global organization, ADC remains vigilant on affairs concerning Africa and its Diaspora and would no longer ignore continued interference and exploitation by foreign powers.

    “ADC would like to use this medium to express our support for Malian people who bear the brunt of bad leadership, blanket sanctions, terrorism, military intervention, and foreign meddling,” Nwauwa said.

    ADC is a coalition of various groups and concerned citizens from Africa and the African Diaspora.



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