Australia to invest $800M to explore the Antarctic.

    Australia will invest over 800 million U.S dollars in Antarctic exploration over the next decade to strengthen the country’s strategic and scientific capabilities in the region.

    On Tuesday, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the allocated funds would help explore the regions that have not been in reach.

    “The Morrison Government will send a clear international signal of Australia’s world-leading Antarctic leadership with an 804.4 million dollars’ investment over the next ten years.

    “This is to strengthen our strategic and scientific capabilities in the region,’’ a statement published on the Prime Minister of Australia website said.

    According to the statement, the investment will strengthen Australia’s national interest in Antarctica and support national businesses.

    “The money we are investing in drone fleets, helicopters, and other vehicles will enable us to explore areas of East Antarctica’s inland that no country has ever been able to reach before,’’ Morrison added.

    Morrison noted that the Australian government would provide scientists and expeditioners with the necessary funding and resources, as it was essential to Australia’s future.

    According to the statement, almost 100 million dollars will be allocated for drone fleets, establishing an “Antarctic eye” system transmitting real-time information.

    For four new medium helicopters that can reach parts of the continent, Australia could never get to previously.


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